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SHORT ANSWER Q.: Miller, E. & R. Soberman Travel Demand and Urban Form INTRO Miller & Soberman (2003) describe transportation and land use as a two-way, chicken-and- egg relationship: good transit can be provided cost-effectively only where land use patterns permit, but transit-supportive areas can be built only if transit service is provided. They examine recent transportation trends in the Central Ontario Zone (COZ), including increased car dependence, and recommend a series of smart growth building blocks to alter travel behaviour and vehicle choices. Finally, they identify the barriers to implementing these recommendations and suggest some short-term measures to deal with congestion, support transit, and slow down urban sprawl. BODY Use any parts of the followingpicking 3 of the headings and discussing each part briefly would be a good idea. 1. Relationship bw Travel Demand and Urban Form Land-use patterns (defined by built urban form) travel patterns appropriate, cost-effective transportation services Accessibility is key (see p. 6) 2-way, chicken-&-egg relationship: competitive, high-quality transit can be provided cost-effectively only where land-use patterns support such services, but such transit-supportive built forms can only be built if the appropriate transit service is provided (p. 6) The appropriate role of the automobile is quite perplexing: mobility is
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