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13 Apr 2011

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Why are gupta and ferguson critical of cultural critique in anthropology: anthropology"s main focus. - fieldwork: they do field work to go to those remote locations and try and understand culture. Try and understand how and what kind of culture this so called remote group has. -remote location (most other of others : assumptions about space: -the groups that they study are radically different. So a white man goes to study the desert, so the group that they study is radically different from the culture that the anthropologists come from. - they occupy discontinuous spaces, meaning, there is no connection between the anthropologists culture and that particular group"s culture. -anthropologists do field work to study a completely different culture, the group that is being studied seem to be inhabiting a space that is discontinuous from the anthropologist. - theorize contact, conflict and contradiction from this starting point of discontinuity.

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