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GGRB05H3 Study Guide - Research Question, Canadian Studies, Urban Affairs Review

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Denisse Macaraig

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GGRB05H3 Y Summer 2012
Proposal and Annotated Bibliography
15% of Course Grade
Due in lecture on June 11
University of Toronto Scarborough
Department of Social Sciences
The guiding theme for the Proposal and the Research Paper is ʻExamining Local Solutionsʼ.
Proposal (10%)
This assignment consists of two parts: i) a Proposal and ii) an Annotated bibliography and both parts are
to be submitted together. The main purpose of this Proposal is to identify a topic and further propose a
research question, which will then be used as a thesis for the second assignment.
The theme ʻExamining Local Solutionsʼ is to be considered for both this proposal and the second
assignment. The research topic should explicitly identify a local urban issue and attempt to identify a
theoretical framework. A theoretical framework is essentially your chosen ʻlensʼ or the body of literature
that will give context to your research question.
You should also state where the possible solution(s) to your chosen problem could be found. Is the
solution to your local problem based on economics, funding, technology, political will/jurisdiction,
bureaucracy or civil society involvement?
Students are encouraged to draw upon the broader course themes, lectures, chapters in the textbook,
and current issues in order to identify viable topics. Students may consider engaging with an actual case
study as it may help concretize some of the theoretical concepts discussed in both lectures and tutorials.
However, if a student wishes to engage and explore a more theoretical or conceptual topic related to a
specific urban issue that is also acceptable.
A proposal normally would include any of the following sections:
· Title of the research project
· Introduction/Context
· Research question
· Identification of secondary research questions (things that you need to know to help answer your
research question)
· Identification of a theoretical framework
· Identification of a possible solution (as per the theme of the assignment)
· Identification of possible constraints to the overall research project
· Identification of possible outcomes/conclusions
· References (please note that you should be providing references in the ʻIntroduction/Contextʼ
portion of the proposal)
This assignment ultimately allows for a certain degree of latitude and creativity, in investigating specific
local urban topics. Also, at the end of each chapter in the textbook there is a section that identifies
ʻFurther Readingʼ, and often it contains valuable references that may greatly aid your proposal. The word
limit for the proposal is 1000 words (not including references).
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