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Mark Hunter

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GGRB28 Week 3 Lecture
D = Disease
Geographies of Blame: Geographical Imaginations of Disease
-understanding why diseases get framed in a certain way
-need to understand world stereotypes geographical
-not necessarily re-emerging perspective
-stereotypes aids diagram
-orphans are the poorest part of a society
Geographical Imaginations
-Derek Gregory deconstructing views of the world colonialism
-backwards, stuck in own culture/society intro Christianity
-institutions important, lots of diff civilization
-EU expansion, domination, representation power
-binaries represent personalities (see chart)
-how you divide and define world will determine contingency plans
geographical location matter, diff geographical health policies
Diseases and Metaphors
-d not just biological also social
-metaphors used to understand diff d - cancer (victims, death), aids (marked)
cultural/social constructions and effects experience of d (dirty, shame)
Trechichler, Cultural Chronicles
-stereotypes she challenges:
-a continents agony - undifferentiated
-traditional cultural practices e.g. dry sex
-politics of representation is ignored politics behind
-quantitative methods dominate
-teleology: backward tradition and modernity (gender read through this)
Aids sexuality and geography
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