GGRB28H3 Study Guide - Epidemiological Transition, Essentialism, Mutation

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6 May 2014

Document Summary

Geography of blame: idea that haitians brought aids to usa. Globalization (1) american phase msm (2) feminization of the urban (3) ruralization. Epidemiological transition: as a country moves through development, it does through predictable epidemiological transformations. As development increases, death due to infectious diseases decreases and chronic diseases increase. Farmer belives that certain concepts are uncritically used and help to maintain certain power relations - ex: It is important to understand who is using these terms and to term what. Went to hiv/aids in africa conferences and found that everyone was attributing it to culture. This is problematic because it blames the victim. Continent in agony: africa was seen to be a continent where all the countries were effected the same. It essentializes the continent, and adds to the exoticized" people, blaming their tradition and behavior. This ignores all parts of africa: cultures, religion and language. Africans seen as: uniterested in being healthy or treated, passive, and had uneducated women.