exam review

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29 Jan 2011

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Exam Review
Interconnected Themes:
1)Emerging diseases, how farmer and Packard take on this issue
2)Difference between emerging diseases and globalization
3)Think abt tuberculosis in terms of globalization
4)Aids and its connection to globalization (aids is one of the newly emerging diseases)
5)Flu in terms of globalization ( mike davis about flu)
Colonialism/Historical Factors:
1)Colonialism, post colonialism
2)Tb in Canada ( first nations)
3)Historical factors and flu
Economic Factors:
1)SAP effect on economy ( deteriorating health, decreasing access to health )
2)TB effects on economy (access to medication)
3)Farmers study on TB, his explanation on supplements needed to enhance
Gender Inequality:
1)SAP caused greater dependence on women than men, for money, for sex, for survival
2)Cancer and gender equality ( health convention, such as screening, medication, not
equally distributed)
3)Breast cancer: costly to treat, developed countries a lot of screening for women
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