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Session 2: malthus" dawning: are we too many: theories and idea on how population growth will benefit or not benefit the world. Ideas will follow us through most or all of lectures in future. Current world population: more and more people are living on this planet. World population throughout history: we will get less more on this planet. Cornucopians: these people think there is no limit to growth, and resources will be there for people on earth, these people are called cornucopians according to greek term, which defines plenty of food he/she needs. Initial members consisted of politicians, scientists, and businessmen. Session 3: fertility causes poverty, r ight: population growth is determined by three factors: fertility rate, mortality rate, and net immigration, net immigration = immigration emigration, if positive, then would have net immigration. Population pyramids 1994: three patterns of population change, rapid growth: kenya. 50% of population is 15 years of age or younger: slow growth: united states.

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