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Global Asia Studies
Jin Park

CULTURAL THEORY COLONIAL TEXTS READING EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS OF WIDOW BURNINGSatipredominantly high caste Hindu practice of the burning of widows on the funeral pyres of their hubbysEyewitness descriptions organized around 4 moments o 1 The narrator hastening to the sport on receiving info that a burning is about to occur o 2 The monitoring of the widows demeanor and the attempts to dissuade her o 3 Details of the practices that precede the burning o 4 The setting alight of the pyre and the death of the widowmost of the narrative is given over to a scrutiny of the widowdespite tht the prohibition of sati is a British colonial accomplishment widow burning legalized by the East India Company 1813 as long it was based on the widows consent not coercionto make sure they it was their consent they were crossed examined at the pyrethere is insurmountable evidence that women were coerced drugged and tied to the pyrewithin the discourse of sati women are represented in two mutually exclusive ways o 1 Either as heroines able to withstand the raging blaze of the funeral pyre o 2 Or as pathetic victims coerced against their will into the flamesoprelude the
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