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THE COLONIZED BODYKOREAN WOMENS SEXUALITY AND HEALTH 2 Women committed suicide in front of a trainHong Ogim 21 and Kim Yongjulesbian relationshipsuffered from hereditary diseasehysteria focus discursive forces that competed to define Korean womens bodies within the framework of medical science and focuses on reproductive biology in which science sought to imbue the bodythe mechanics of lifereproducing the nation was a top priority for modernizing countries but a particularly urgent goal for one under colonial occupation after the great depression of 1929 and after Japans active involvement in Manchukuothe stage began to play a more proactive role in controlling the reproductive health of Korean women with a view to increasing the population if it wanted to emerge victorious and independent Koreans needed not only numbers but strong healthy bodies and minds to rebuild the homelandmothers were at the heart of this taskKorean and social reformed believed that what was needed as sexual education for the public social reform of marriage and new reproductive knowledge and technologies to replace primitive practicesKoreans sought to assert control over the pace and nature of reforms accommodating yet also resisting Japanese attempts to colonize the Korean national body1920s witnessed an unprecedented explosion of discourse on sex Much like Japan where the science of sex was quickly gaining currency social reformers and medical docs in Korea began to identify the category of sex as pivotal to debates about society and social reform whether they feared for national security demanded freedom or social control or insisted on the truth of sexcartoon published in magazine Pyolgongoncaptures shifting views on sex o reveals 2 changesthe nude painting was on public display giving it an analytical visible and permanent realitydepicted an ignorant mother confronted by a precocious child who was not ashamed to pose questions about sexuality showed that a new generation of Koreans was moving beyond societys repression of sexuality to a healthy curiosity about the subject Korean appetite for sexual things coincided with the printing boom spawned by the liberalization of the press after the March first movement o Visible change the proliferation of sexrelated advertising in newspapers and popular journals o Ads for erotic novels and scientific studies on sex dominated the press o Explicit ads of complete collections of pictures of need female bodies and new illustrations of womens reproductive organs which promised to get any male or female excited also appeared with greater frequency in the newspapers
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