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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Journal 3 Key Terms 1) The Delhi Sultanate: Together with the softening of earlier intolerances of Hindus and Hinduism, the later Delhi sultans agreed to leave many of the original Hindu Indian local rulers and petty rajas in control of their domains. The sultanate slowly became more of an Indian order and less of an alien conquest that used India as an object rather than subject. It came in time to depend increasingly on the support of Indias indigenous people, and under the best of its rulers, to try to govern rather than merely to exploit. The stronger rulers of the Delhi sultanate continued to make raids and plundering expeditions into the mountain-protect Deccan, south of the Ganges Plain of Hindustan, but they never won a permanent position there or elsewhere in the south. The Delhi sultanate was also weakened by internal power struggles and political intrigues, in a pattern they brought with them from Central Asia, and which also plagued their Ottoman Turkish cousins later in their far larger empire. Most of the Delhi sultans were absolute rulers who tolerated no dissent and demanded total submission; most of
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