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University of Toronto Scarborough
Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

1 Journal 4: The Tale of Genji and the Yi Dynasty Key Terms The Tale of Genji (of Japan): While Lady Murasakis dates of birth and death are unknown; she was probably born in 978 with her death following after 37 years in the year 1015 C.E. We dont know her real name since in Heian Japan it was considered improper to record the personal names of aristocratic women outside their imperial family. At about age 21 she was married to a much older man, and bore a daughter. The next year her husband died, and in her grief she considered becoming a Buddhist nun but turned instead to reflection on the problem of human happiness, especially for women. Around that time, approximately the year 1001, she began work on her masterpiece, The Tale of Genji, which was probably nearly finished when, some six years later, she became a lady in waiting at the imperial court. Like the Genji, her journal describes the refined and colourful life at court, as well as its less glamorous aspects of rivalries and intrigues. Both are the subject of her grea
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