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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Journal 5: Akbars Policies that Helped Sustain the Mughal Empire and Kubilai Khan and the Yuan Dynasty Key Terms Akbars Policies that Helped Sustain the Mughal Empire: Revenue demands were smaller than under the Delhi sultans while Akbar ruled, and the large number of Hindus employed in the revenue service helped to keep taxes from becoming exploitive or unfair. Hindu law was applied in disputes between Hindus. Revenue collectors were ordered to not to charge taxes in districts that had had a poor harvest. One reform that helped sustain the Mughal Empire was Akbars abolition of two hated head taxes: on all Hindus as infidels (the Jizya) and on Hindu pilgrims travelling to sacred sites. He abolished the enslaving of war prisoners and their families and forbade forcible conversion to Islam, a bitter issue since the rule of the Delhi sultanate. Hindus were welcome at court, and their advice was regularly sought. Kubilai Khan and the Yuan Dyn
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