Week 10

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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Week 10 What motivated the European commercial and colonial expansion in Asia in the late 15th through the 17th centuries? The motivations were a mixture of political, religious and economic. Politically speaking the Asians were in general more complicated, proud of their own rich and sophisticated civilizations, whereas the Europeans realized early on that their development lagged behind, so they decided to expand their ways into Asia, in order to increase their reputation and home front. All in all, motivation to be the first to do better than the counterparts that lied ahead was the real motivation. The Europeans just wanted to get ahead politically and economically of course. Religiously they believed they could once again spread Christianity across the South East Asia, failing to comprehend that it had already came and left, but they felt like it was their calling to help spread and widen the Christian world. Matteo Ricci and Jesuit Missionaries Matteo Ricci was a Missionary to the Ming Court (1582-1610) Riccis background was an accomplished man of learning His move north to Beijing and acceptance at court; was an
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