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Global Asia Studies
Liang Chen

Journal 1 Posted by Gloria Kim at Tuesday, February 1, 2011 12:26:43 AM EST ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HINDUISM In comparison to other popular Asian religions, Hinduism did not start off with a set doctrinal text or one specific founder. Hinduism simply developed itself within the Indus civilization. As Hinduism is looked at more as the truth and a way of life, they consider asceticism and mysticism as the chief paths for humans to realize wisdom and eternal truth. The fundamental belief of classical Hinduism is the persuasion of good, law, morality, and human duty. Hinduism believes ones duty in his life and the action in accordance with the duty is very important, and those duties are to be done without attachment, personal desires or ambition. Hinduism is also a vedic religion taught with the Veda which were later created to be used in worship. They were cumulatively composed between 1500 and 600 B.C.E as a set of hymns, spells, rituals and mystic poems used at sacrifices. In Hinduism, The divine truth is universal, the paths to it are rightly varied, as dharma is rightly different for everyone. Dharma is thought to be the central concepts of Hinduism along with Karma; dharma is the selfless execution of ones earthly duties as the faithful following of the caste rules. Such duties can be faithfully serving a family, or fighting to uphold ones right power. On the other hand, karma is the consequence of ones actions; faithfulness to ones dharma produces good karma. The concept of reincarnation is related to Karma the karma produced by ones mortal life determines the next rebirth of that soul; whether that person will be born into a human or into a higher or lower status as animals or insects. Most Hindus are vegetarian, as they consider those eating meat as the low castes. Hinduism has no fixed or uniform rituals, formal service, established ordination or clergy, or a special day set aside for worship. Hinduism is deeply rooted into the Indian tradition, and it remains the basic guide for over 800 million people. ISLAM Islam was founded by a person named Mohammed, a normal human being born into a prosperous merchant family in Arabia around 570 C.E. He preached against the evil, and he was the last prophet that people believed that Allah talked directly through as a messenger of Allah. Quran was the principal sacred text of Islam, and it was completed after Mohammeds death in 632 C.E. It is believed to be inspired by god, meaning it was the direct word communicated through Mohammed as the messenger. Mohammed adopted the concepts of the resurrection of the physical body, a heavenly afterlife and the Last Judgment from Christianity. Islam and Christianity are identical in a sense that they believe the good goes to heaven but the bad goes to flaming hell. Even though Islam originated in Arabia, it still remains as the dominant religion in the Middle East and some parts of Africa. It was even carried into India, Malaya, Indonesia, southern Philippines, and northwestern China via Central Asia. Muslims enjoy to worship Allah but also they live in fear and in owe of him. Believers are brought to prayers five times a day, and during the lunar month of Ramadan, they avoid even water and fast. They also believe faithful believers should go on pilgrimage trips to the sacred places of Islam. Gambling, money lending, the taking of interest, all alcohol, and eating pork are strictly forbidden, although slavery and polygamy are permitted. www.notesolution.com
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