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University of Toronto Scarborough
Global Asia Studies
Ruoyun Bai

NWICO MacBride marketdemand/16countries econ ‘domination and dependence’ DF:US-based TNCs undermine the cultural autonomy of the developing countries and create a dependency on both the hardware and software of communication and media in the developing countries. Thus political and economic domination exercised by the centre over the periphery results in the recreation of certain aspects of the centre’s value system in the periphery. 1 It is the vehicle for transmitting values and lifestyles to Third World countries which stimulate the type of consumption and the type of society necessary to the transnational system as a whole. Juan Somavia1976 International communication and development. The historical context of inter communication pp27 2 At least some surveys have shown that News Corp media are seen by the general public as less credible than other media. Trichter and Paige 2004 Meares 2011 Murdoch in US Kingmaker or ringmaster Global Media and Commuication8 pp5 3. issuenot prove:The growing gap between space where the issues arise and the space where the issues are managed is at the source of 4 distinct but interrelated, political crises that affect the institutions of governance: crisis of efficiency legitimacy identity equityManuel Castells Globalization and nation-stateThe new public sphere 2008 4 individual:The widespread access to the Internet also means that nationalist activism can be dome easily,requiring little personal sacrifice by individual participants. 高志 红 2012 Chinese Grassroots Nationalism Journal of Macromarketing 32 Pp182 5 local cultural: rather we should understand them in the manner that geographers like Doreen Massey and Kevin Robins understand cities,as meeting places where local specificity arises out of migr
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