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Global Asia Studies
Ruoyun Bai

MDSB05/ GASB05H3 Midterm Review Lecture 1 - International communication networks have developed largely in response to, and at the same time been shaped by, the needs of economic, military and political powers. Telegraph - Samuel Morse was inventor of Morse Code - International Telegraph Union was founded in 1865 - Lines from Britain to India connected in 1870 - Eastern Telegraph co. formed in 1872 - First across pacific was in 1902 Significance of Communication networks to empires? - information at heart of capitalism- info about businesses, stock, currencies, commodities, harvests, extractive products etc. - carrier of military intelligence - admin control of colonies News Agency - are media organizations (wholesale media) that write and distribute stories and their components, such as images, interviews to the news media (retail media such as newspapers and broadcasters) News Cartel- formed in 1870. Powerful influence in world opinion. Radio and Propaganda - Radio is a media technology that permits one person or organization to communicate with many receivers over large distances via electromagnetic spectrum and radiated electrons. - Propaganda is the management of collective attitudes by the manipulation of significant symbols. - 4 Ares of Radio Development - 1) experimentation with basic equip. between 1980-1920s - 2) broadcasting to mass audiences using established processes between 30’s and 50’s - 3) adjustment to arrival of TV from 50s - 4) emergence of digital radio technology in late 80s NWICO – New World Information and Communication Order 4 D’s – Democratize, Decolonize, Demonopolize, Development Lecture 2 - the global communication infrastructure has been largely transferred from the public to the private sector through privatization and introduction of competition to tradition monopoly networks - international org. play key role in shaping and regulating global communications Microwave Transmission - microwave radio relay transmits telephone calls, TV programs, and/or computer date between locations on line-of-sight radio paty - 30-40 miles required between transmitter and receiver Satellite - 1962 first communication satellite launched by AT n T called Telstar - 1946 concept of geostationary satellite was developed Communication Infrastructure- refers to backbone of communication system upon which various broadcasting and telecommunication services operated Privatization – Intelsat – International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium- started as part of UN, but was later privatized. INTELSAT – serves 3 main customer sets: network services providers, media companies and governments. - established in 1965, became privatized in 2001 International Communication agencies : regulating global communications: WTO – 1995 - aim to eliminate national obstacles to the import and export of goods and services ITU – International telecommunication Union – coordinates global use of radio spectrum. Coordinates allocation of satellite orbits UNESCO WIPO- World Intellectual Property Org. – 2 categories: industrial property and Copyright - Sole UN agency dedicated to this worldwide ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned names and Numbers – non profit formed in 1998 in Cali . – Adding new names to top level of internet dom
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