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Global Asia Studies

A list of key terms to prepare for the GASB30H final exam1Murti Hindu sacred image2Darshana in Hinduism viewing or seeing a deity especially via a sacred image3Avatars an incarnation of a Hindu god especially Vishnu in human or animal form4Rg Veda Oldest and most sacred of the four Vedas 5Sama Veda The Veda of chants anthology of mantras drawn from the Rg Veda and rearranged for musical recital at formal ceremonies6Yajur Veda The Veda for Sacrificial Prayers gathers formulas used at sacrifices7Atharva Veda The Veda for the Fire Priest spells and incantations of popular folk religion8Samhita Collection of hymns found within the Veda Hindu9Brahman Attachments found within the Vedas10 Aryanyaka Appendices part of the Vedas see Upanishads11 Upanishad collections of Hindu philosophical writings that are attached to the Vedas but move beyond their emphasis or ritual by seeking the meaning of human existence12 Reincarnation Samsara the belief that a deceased person is reborn into the world in a new bodily for reincarnation that is determined by the amount of good or bad karma generated during their life the cyclic process of birth death and rebirth continues until one achieves final liberation13 Karmathe concept that good and bad actions carry corresponding consequences not only in this life but also in terms of the next reincarnation14 Tripitaka or Tripitaka Three Baskets threefold collection of Buddhist canonical writingsthe Vinaya Pitaka monastic code the Sutta Pitaka the Buddhas teachings and the Adhidhama Pitaka higher learning15 Vinaya pitaka Baset of Discipline the part of the Tipitaka that contains the rules for Buddhist monastic life16 Sutta pitaka Basket of Threads the part of the Tipitaka containing the discourses of Buddha17 Abhidhamma pitaka Basket of Higher Teaching its contents represent subsequent relfection on and a more philosophical elaboration of earlier doctrine18 Dharma 1 in Hinduism the fundamental order of the universe which olds all things in being and which manifest in natural ethical and socioreligious laws 2 in Buddhism the Buddhas teaching19 rta refers to the harmony regularity and order of the physical universe20 Varna color the four classes of traditional Vedic Hindu Society21 Ashrama the four traditional Hindu life stages according to the Laws of Manu student brahmacrin Householder grihasthin forestdweller 22 Samskaras traditional Hindu lifecycle ritual the sacred rites of passage marky key moments in human journal from conception to death23 Pancasila Five Virtues or Five precepts five fundamental ethical principles of Buddhism24 Bardo 6 stages found in the book of the dead25 Vastu PurushaLodging of the Gods Shivas sweat drop sacred diagram mandala fundamental templates for important buildings26 Mandala in Buddhism and Hinduism a sacred diagram usually of concentric designs used during meditation and ritual27 Dravidian style Hindu architecturepyramid shaped temples dependent on intricate carved stone in order to create a step design 28 Nagara style Hindu architecturecharacterized by a beehiveshaped and multilayered tower called Shikara the tower appears semiconical in shape 29 Garbhagrha the most sacred spot inside the temple known as the garbhagrha wombhouse where the main deity is found 30 Stupa moundlike structure containing Buddhist relics remains of the Buddha or advanced practitioners as a place of worship31 Pagoda An evolution of Indian stupa in China Japan Korea and Vietnam the pagoda tiered tower with multiple eaves32 Upanayanathe sacredthread ceremony in Hinduism during which a young male of the upper three classes is initated into spiritual adulthood twiceborn33 Tricivara traditional monastic habit consists of 3 garmentsmantle worn on both shoulders when leaving monastery on left shoulder when inside thick waste band inner robeIdea of material simplicity 4 basic resourcesliving on alms dwelling at the foot of a tree for sheltercows urine as medicine dressing in ragslife of detachment34Ahimsa principle of nonviolence35 Prasad food offered to a Hindu deity that is subsequently distributed to believers for consumption36 Uposatha in Buddhism a regular day of intensive spiritual observance in monasteries Usually marked by the phases of the moon37 Tithi in Hinduism a lunar day38 Kali Yuga Age of materialism which we are currently in39 Vesak festival that commemorates the birth enlightenment and death of Sakayamuni40 Tirthayatra Hindu term for pilgrimagea journey to the ford41 char dham are the four abodes of God in the four directions of India42 yoga43 Kundalini Indian yoga coiled
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