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Global Asia Studies
Sudharshan Duraiyappah

Final Exam Review Answer the following questions by providing examples with tile, date, site, medium and context. 1. Describe and discuss the purpose of the wooden Buddhist artifacts in the Yuan dynasty gallery in the Royal Ontario Museum - Gain merit, - They are stuffed, considered magical, it has to work, to increase the luck, special silk, stone, etc. The most valuable things were put inside to improve the secularity and - The ways it was lighted. Light from the bottom - Sculpture is the extension of the image of the wall painting behind. 2. Discuss the detail the use of Death motives in Himalayan Buddhist Art. - Sky barrio, show the mortality - Don't be body centric, - Think of the permanent - Tibetan Buddhism, human bone trumps, etc. - Make a list of the artifacts first, then go to the questions. 3. Compare and contrast the depictions of a standing Buddha and a Bodhisattva in art. - Start with similarities of the two objects. (3 sentences for each) - How are they different? (Both standing male figures in Buddhist context, hold merits in hand, ) - Choose 2 objects, - All derived from the form of the Yaksha - 4. Compare and contrast the images of Avalokiteswara and Guanyin. - Bodhisattva - Avalokiteswara, the Indian version of Boddhisattva, means looking down, locate the avalokite means looking down. - He was looking down because of his compassion, looking down at the believers out of grace and compassion - Started off as male, but along the silk routes get feminized, - Guanyin, female figure, Chinese, compassion as female characteristics not for male. She’s going to hell to look after the people with water bottle. Encourage people. s 5. Compare and contrast the images of Apsara and Kinara. th - Apsara, 7-9 century, flying beings in paradise, Vedic period, gender neutral, not female, like images of paradise, promoting to the paradise, - Kinara, promoting the ideal l
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