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29 Nov 2016

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Since classical times, silk has created social distinctions of status and gender while connecting. Over time, silk became more available to the public. What are primary sources: primary sources are first-hand accounts, writings or other materials from the time, sources on the origins of silk in ancient china: archaeology and texts (leizu, can help determine the origins of silk. Yellow emperor (2700 bc: leizu discovered silk: As she was sipping on tea, a cocoon accidentally fell into her drink. The hot tea made the cocoon unravel. She then studied the texture and how to create silk* Dynasties: xia, shang, zhou (divided into many kingdoms for power: xia dynasty (2070-1600 bc) Created silk: shang dynasty (1558-1046 bc) Produced chinese writings: zhou dynasty (1046-256 bc) Confucius: (cid:862)let the ruler (cid:271)e a ruler, the su(cid:271)je(cid:272)t a su(cid:271)je(cid:272)t, the father a father, the so(cid:374) a so(cid:374). (cid:863)

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