HISA06H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Millard Fillmore

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22 Apr 2012
Raymond Williams:
2 ways of thinking of culture
1. high/elite culture
includes visual arts, performing arts, classical music
enjoyed by a small # of elite members of society
2. mass/pop culture
large body of population
Shimduk Yun:
pop singer
glorification of death = first song recording in korea
committed suicide
March 1st Movement:
largest scale resistance movement during the Korean period
1910-19 anti-colonial resistant movement
Cultural Policy:
create cultural space for koreans to express their personal sentiments and a cultural
space for the Japs to teach the koreans about Jap culture
- 1920 colonial gov changes the focus of colonial gaol..know as ^
Sohn Kee-Chung:
- won for Jap but was actually korean
- won gold
-forced to wear Jap flag
Lin and Li = first taiwanese players to play in the game
Yskyu =
Bsnqui = Chinese
Doka = assimilation
transforming the savages by guiding their raw ritual physicality into the
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