HISA07H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Akkadian Empire, Muwatalli Ii, Maat

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14 Dec 2016

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4th millennium bc: first cities in the world ( urban revolution ), southern mesopotamia (sumer) Early bronze age mesopotamia the sumerians (3000-2300 bce) Sargon of akkad : first mesopotamian dynasty (2334-2154 bce: akkad dynasty) (~2193~2100 bce: collapse of akkadian dynasty) Pharaoh: 1 king for 1 kingdom, responsible for maintaining maat. Old kingdom (2686~2160 bce), first intermediary period (2160~2055 bce), middle kingdom (2055~1650 bce), new kingdom (1550~1069 bce) Qadesh battle (1275 bc, egyptians (ramses ii) vs hittites (muwatalli ii)) Egyptiano-hittite peace treaty: earliest peace treaty created in 1258 bc between the egyptians and the hittites. ~1200 bc collapse of the bronze age civilizations. Iron age empires: assyria, babylonia, and persia (850-500 bce) Flood tablets from epic of gilgamesh = assyrian text, source. The aegan in the bronze age (~2000~1200 bce) recap. Minoan= non-greek speakers, writing is linear a (undeciphered) Mycenean= greeks (linear b, deciphered 1470) mainlan crete from ~1470, ~2000 bc: first.

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