HISB31H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Tokugawa Shogunate, Columbian Exchange, Trading Post

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24 Jan 2011

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Lecture 17: charting new worlds ii: commodities, production, and consumption. N sp,388408,3. 443the philippines provided a critical link in this emerging network of global commerce. N manila, the colonial capital of the philippines the destination of annual spanish shipments of silver. N the silver was taken from the mines of bolivia transported to acapulcoshipped across the pacific to the philippines. N population of 160,000 people, potosi became the largest city in the americans . N equivalent in size to london, amsterdam or seville. Its wealthy european elite lived in luxury, with all the goods of europe and asia at their disposal. N a station or store in a sparsely settled area established by traders to barter supplies for local products. N by 1600, the portuguese trading post empire was in steep decline. N the small european country was over extended, and rising asian states such as japan,

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