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Jin Park

Modernitytypically refers to posttraditionalrefers to the intellectual culturerefers to the relations associated with the rise of capitalism 4 themes expressed in this course when looking at the modern societies in Asia o popular culture o medicine o women and gender politics o visual culture and technologyStuart Hall discuss 4 features of modern societies 1 there must be dominance of political power and authority conceptions of sovereignty and legalization operating within territorial boundaries 2 decline of traditional social order3 decline of religious worldview of traditional societies and the rise of materialistic and secular culture 4 has an economy based on largescale consumption and production of commodities in the market longterm accumulation of capital class formations emerge in capitalist countries Meiji Restoration1868 refers to the restoration of the Meiji 186768end of Tokugawa regime seized Tokugawa lands and placed them under colonial controlshifted from Shogunate to imperial familyEmperor Meijiknown as the enlightened rule also known as Revolution aristocraticgoal was to combine western advances with traditional eastern valuesaccelerated in industrialization made education compulsoryeliminated the status systemo old elite regime no longer wear swords couldnt execute commoners who disrespected themrise of military power 1905growing world power successful victories RussoJap War and the SinoJap War o RussoJap war was really important because it was their first time since the Mongol invasion of Europe that an asain nation obtained a major victory against European power o The only nonwestern imperial powermonarch was at the centerexperienced political unification and central bureaucracy restore imperial rule to strengthen Japan against colonial threats Tongdo Sogimeans eastern way and Western technologyslogan eastern ways Western machines
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