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Jin Park

Key termsmodernity Typically refers to a posttraditional refers to the social relations associated with the rise of capitalism refers to intellectual culture TokugawaMeiji Toku period16031868 time periodwhen Jap refused european colonial power unequal treaty Matthew perry avoiding western colonial powerself imposed isolation MeijiJapan japan was taken over by european power forced to sign a treaty taken by modern industrial powerinternallyeliminating status system internally political unification and central bureaucracycomplusory education monarch at the centre eliminating the status system industrializatin externally Victory of 2 wars colinized taiwan 1895 korea 1910The Meiji Restoration also known as the Meiji Ishin Revolution Reform Renewal chain of events that restored imperial rule to Japan in 1868 period of time Edo period Tokugawa and the beginning of the Meiji period 18681912Japs knew they were behind the rest of the world AmericaMatthew C Perrylage warships with armament and technology that outclassed those in Japan restored imperial rule in order to strengthen Japan against the threat represented by the colonial powers of the day Meijienlightened rule goal was to combine western advances with the traditional easter values accelerated in industrilization in Japanrise of military power by 1905 first introduced measures to consolidate their power against the remnants of the Edo period government 1868all Toku lands were seized and placed under imperial controlendeavoured to abolish the 4 divisions of society samurai militaryevery man turning 21samurai no longer to wear swordgrowing world powerwinning both sinojap war and the russoJap war victory against russia was the more shocking as it was the first time since the Mongol invasion of Europe that an asian nation obtained a major victory against european powerppl were not regarded according to class Nagasaki capital of the largest city of the island in Japan thats the port that opened up to the dutch for trading places for import and export purposes largest city first port city navy base during sino and russoJap warlong cape portugese imports assimilated into gap culture
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