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HISB31 Final Exam ReviewLindsays Parteconomic affairs of states in the Caribbean and Central Part 1 Key TermsAmerica if they were unable to pay their international thdebts He believed that it was the American right to Womens suffrage and the 19 amendment The thmeddle under certain circumstances This was when 19 Amendment was ratified on August 18 1920 and he coined his famous term speak softly and carry a prohibited any United States citizen to be denied the big stick The significance of the Roosevelt Corollary right to vote based on gender This was significant was that this was part of a broader campaign to gain because up until around the time of 1910 many states economic control of nations with unstable economies disregarded women in terms of their rights especially Along with that the US assumed that European powers the right to vote Womens suffrage which had been thwere trying to regain strength in what they deemed as fought for from the mid 19 century until then took off the US sphere of influence therefore in order to during the time of World War One In 1914 a suffrage deter European powers from gaining this strength from parade occurred in Washington DC where women collecting debts it was the United States began to take on jobs that men would normally occupy responsibility to intervene instead This can be seen but couldnt because they had gone off to war Along when the US took control and ran the Dominican with that it also allowed clerical work to open up to Republics customs service and the countrys foreign women to occupy Towards the end of the war even debt management African women were beginning to join the formal workforce Finally in the 1920s after this movement to th League of Nations The League of Nations was an gain rights for women took off with the 19intergovernmental organization created as a result of amendment This was significant because women had the Paris Peace Conference that ended World War One finally gained a basic set of human rights Dating back and was the precursor to the United Nations President to the 1800s women had been fighting for their rights Woodrow Wilson planned to put his personal stamp on with protests or conventions such as the Seneca Falls the peace and he believed he could put this power Convention for example where women tried to gain a conflict into something along the lines of a more foothold in society and discussed resolutions to the democratic world order Wilson was the creator of the issues regarding womens rights Womens suffrage League of Nations during the signing of the treaty of was a long fought battle which in turn finally resulted Versailles Wilson travelled the US to try and gain in benefits and basic rights finally after century of support for the League but in the end the public did fighting for it not rally behind it and was voted down by the citizens and other parties which left his fight for a more Roosevelt corollary the Roosevelt Corollary was democratic world order in ashes The League of created as an extension of the Monroe Doctrine by Nations is a significant part of history for two reasons President Theodor Roosevelt in 1904This corollary the first obviously being that it led that what now has asserted the right of the US to intervene in order to become the United Nations The second reason as to correct chronic wrongdoing and to stabilize the why this League is important is because Woodrow 1
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