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C Pennington

Lecture 1 John Norquay Manitoba conservative premier Metis Railroad issue farmers hated it WS Fielding Nova Scotia premier Disaffected with confederation Mowat 1872-96 Liberal premier of Ontario Most powerful person after Macdonald Law clerk Rivals pre confederation Advocate of compact theory province can unmake confed JCPC agreed - Jesuit estate act 1888 Honore Mercier (French Catholic) vs. Dalton McCarthy (English Protestant) 1889 debate - McCarthyrally Mercier Macdonald convinced house of commons to let it pass 188-13 McCarthy Equal rights association George Denison police magistrate (judge) police officer commander of GG bodyguard Pro British, pro war, anti america, hated Americans, more british than British thought Canada should be part of Imperial Federation grand imperial parliament in Britain British did not like his idea, no room for india, not realistic, reflected the views of Canadians Laurier 1887 leader of libs. Supporter of free trade w US, When Blake left office he thought Laurier could take over but Laurier was French and catholic good speaker but too softnice He needed to do something = unrestricted reciprocity risky but it worked as high tariffs were not creating prosperity Erastus Wiman Born in Canada, humble background, journalistbusiness man, Gm of Dunn co NY moved there in 1860s Millionaire, real estate, duke of Stanton Island Knew he was vain, wanted to be rich and famous, newspaper favourable coverage, fraudjailed, thought of as traitor, Canadians did not like him his philanthropy, broad views on religion, supported toleration and ethnic diversity, against cruelty to animals Canadian nationalist thought we could compete on level playing field
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