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C Pennington

Oliver Mowat: Liberal Premier of Ontario (1872-1896). Advocate of the Compact Theory which believed that the provinces created Confederation, thus should have real authoritypower. The highest British court, the Judicial Committee of the pricy Council (JCPC) ruled in favour of the provinces. This weakened the power of the federal government. Mowat was asked to become leader of the federal Liberal Party, but he refused. HonorMercier: Elected Premier of Quebec in 1887. He united French- Canadians and gave them a sense of nationalism. Led rampage against Macdonald and English Canadians. The Jesuits Estates Act (1888) was a move to try and compensate Catholic missionaries for the lands taken by the British during the British Conquest. Mercier tried to get Pope involved. It was decided that $400 000 would go to Jesuits, Catholic universities and churches and $60 000 would go to Protestant schools to easecontroversy. Merciers biggest rival was Dalton McCarthy who wanted an English- Protestant Canada. In the Parliament Debate of 1889, Mercier convinced the House of Commons to pass the Jesuits Estates Act with 188 votes and 13 against the act, MacDonald called these 13 opposers the Devils 13. Macdonald supposed the Jesuits Estates Act to appease tensions. George Denison and the Imperial Federation: Judge and Calvary officer in Toronto. Pro-British, pro-war and anti-American. Considered to be more British than the British. Gus
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