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Michael Gervers

IslamConstableEuropeans had been aware of Muslims for a long timeOver time presence of Muslim neighbours became a concern for the EuropeansEarly Muslim incursions into the Mediterranean changed course of European historyannexed the Mediterranean forcing Christians to focus their politicaleconomic energies in Northern EuropeAffected North Africa converting tribes to IslamMuslim armies arrived in SpainMade it into France where they were stopped by the Franks Some say that this was the only thing that saved France from becoming Islamic Really though was probably just a raidCaroligeans were originally supportive of Muslim forces Charlemagne actually tried to make treaties but they didnt work out Eventually they just recognized them as an opposing entity and made forays into NE Spain They gained a French control over a portionPeasant lifeeconomyFrom lectureMarxist viewpoint lords hindered the peoples initiatives so they hindered the development of the economyOptimistic model there was individuality freedom of investment and economic initiative of peasantryencouraged by lordsCampbell around 1300 the rents that people were being charged were customary not adjusted for inflation or costs and did not reflect the real cost of the land This was a burden for lords not peasants Lower rentsincreased wages of the peasants and allowed them to expand their market involvementSchofieldPoorer families were more likely to be involved in realwages household formation systemoCould not gain funds significantly through inheritance and had to seek employment opportunitiesPeople did not just work for the lords contributing money for rent People at all levels of society were involved in selling their surplus product They could seek other employment and sell their product for their money
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