Summary of Lectures (Part 1)

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8 Nov 2010
HLTB03 Lecture Notes
Lecture 1:
- Torontians are less active than other Canadians, and are less chubby than Ontarians
- 57% of 12+ older were inactive during leisure time
- High cost to healthcare system
- Percentage of people in Toronto riding their bicycles grew to 54%
- Tommy Douglas ± the father of medicare?
- 1945 ± universal healthcare ± Medicare ± Saskatchewan
- Jacque Chaoulli case ± George zealiotis ± waiting time.
- Bio-medical approach to health care services ± Socio-demographics
- Montreal ±Two-tier system ± if you can pay for it you can have the surgery
- Toronto ± self-service check-in, reduce wait times.
- Leslie Rott ± chronic illness, all physicians were to live with chronic illnesses, would
they comply to every order?
Lecture 2: CH3&4
- Bill 179 ± to provide Ontarians with better resources, better access, better mixture of
physician, improve chronic management by regulation health care professional and
reducing barriers to the practice
- Dental Hygienic± can now prescribe medication
- Nurse Practitioners ± can now prescribe drugs without physician authorization, set a cast,
communicate a diagnosis directly to a patient,
- Pharmacist ± can now repeat drugs without going back to doctor
- Cuba ± GRQ¶Wneed consent to travel there,
- Quebec - 24 hours shifts to 16 hours shifts
- Stomach cancer ± diet high in salt and salt preserved foods
- Women and heart disease ± ³7KH+HDUW7UXWK´± age 55+ for women, back pain, nausea,
recognizing symptoms
- Florence Nightingale ± May 12th, nurse improved hospital conditions,
- VIDEO: 3-minute diagnosis of Canadian health care system
Lecture 3:
- Age 39-61 working in civil service in London, association b/w working long hours and
effect of slowly damage their heart, 3-4 hours overtime = 60% higher rate of heart disease,
not include blue collar workers
- Colognes, Perfumes ± some chemicals are not listed on bottle, linked to causing allergic
problems, estrogen disruption, sperm production, cancer, AE ± 24 unlisted chemicals
- Nurses that are interrupted while administering meds, are more at risk of making errors
- Coverage of Medicare, downsizing, home care, nursing shortage, excessive work loads
- Mental disorder: Parental alienation syndrome, Obesity,
- Bill 179 ± Health Regulation, outlines what one can and cannot do within their scope of practice
- CCSBI ± chronic cerebral spinal venous insufficiency comes with MS ± narrowing of
- OHIP does not cover the cost of surgery to expand veins, Kristy Duncan fighting for it
- ³7KH/LEHUDWLRQ7UHDWPHQW´± Paulo Zamboni ± not an auto immune disease, pushing
back of blood and iron into the brain
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