Summary of Lectures (Part 2)

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HLTB03 Lecture Notes II
Lecture 6:
Current Events ± ZRPHQ¶VKHDOWV
- Leading cause of death in women is cardiovascular disease
- MS society are releasing funds for the new treatment of MS, Dr. Zamboni CCSVI
- Bed bugs ± in a Epicoke hospital, using steam to kill bugs and mattress have to be thrown
- Undercover reporters that people who can afford to go to a licensed dentist, they were
going to black market clinics, they developing tooth infections and going to ER
- Bill 46 ± Ontario¶V([FHOOHQW&DUHIRU$OO$FWto provide better care delivery, smarter use
of resources, but does not improve upon oral and dental services
the needle she, man with the head and the women to heart, man to command and women
- First medical school established in 1820s
- Anna Gutavo ± doctor
- Hormone replacement therapy ± menopause treatment
Lecture 7:
- Heath care professionals are forgetting to wash their hand in b/w seeing patients
- Only 30% of helath care workers (nurses), doctors only 18% were washing hands
- For developing countries, with this pledge, need to provide a greater response to children
and pregnant women,
- Inuit Children - Infant mortality rate is 3 to 7 times higher than national average
- 20% lower than general population for immunization
- Due to overcrowding, poor housing, poor access to water and lack of sanitation
- -RUGDVSULQFLSOH± legislation named after a boy who died @ age of 5 in 1995, because
- Infant mortality ± is the most important indicator of population health Canada was 27
now is 5.3, infant deaths have declined
- Advocate for the needs of children poverty and malnutrition, strategies like public land,
gardens, lower taxes, less fast food chains
- Born in low income families, differences in infant mortality, low birth weight
- Life expectancy is highest in BC
- ADHD ± prescribing of medication, sudden cardiac death, Ritalin, Adderall
- Injuries are leading cause of death b/w 1-19yr old
- 39% reduction in child injury, Safe Kids Worldwide
- Depression is more common among poor youth, nutrition and health,
- Low-income families ± high risk
- Dr, David Mckeyon looking at poverty at ways to address
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