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Health Studies
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Anna Walsh
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HLTB03 Last Lec
April 6th, 2011.
Chapters 24+25
Sat April 30th, 7-9 pm GYM 40%
50 multiple choice questions
Test all information from intranet, lecture, textbook, tutorial
Covers chapters 15-25 (after midterm only)
-eating well- maple syrup has same anticancer and anti-inflammatory contents as other
-blueberries, green tea, flax seeds, and now research says maple syrup provides us
with the same compunts
-compounds in maple syrup may help keep blood surgar levels in check
-it has polyphenols and they work to inhibit the enzymes that are involved in the
conversion of carbs to sugar
-has a wide variety of polyphenols; this research suggests 54 compounds in maple
syrup -maple syrup is 100% pure, non refined, natural product
Advisory panel to US FDA- recommended that the US FDA should do further research into
the link between food colouring and childhood hyperactivity
-they think there may be a link, but even so they are not recommending that the
products that contain the dyes should have package warnings
-there are a lot of children exhibiting ADD
Should we continue to have fluorinated water?
-torontos board of health voted on Monday, to continue adding fluoride to our city
water-there was a 4 hr debate, many representatives, and they were trying to determine
whether we should continue to have fluoride added to our water
-fluoride was 1st added in 1963 to our water- added as a way to pevent tooth decay
-they are adding 0.6 mg/L which is within the accepted limit/range
-there was a concern that if people would push to eliminate fluoride from the water,
that we would have an issue with an increase with tooth decay- fluorinated water reduces
tooth decay by 20-40%
-people that were opposed to having fluoride, wuestioned whether it actually helps
prevent cavities and also worried that there is a toxic effect related to haveing fluoride in
the water
-if we drink too much fluorinated water, we could be suceptable to brittle bones,
leading to fractures skeletal fluorosis
-how much is too much fluorinated water?
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