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HLTA02H3 Study Guide - Infant Mortality, Social Inequality, Racialization

Health Studies
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Michelle Silver

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Chapter 3 Emerging Public Health System in Canada
Positive economics- used to describe economics
Stylised facts are simplified or generalisations of empirical findings, without scientific details
Equity is a synonym for fairness but does not mean equality
Public Health policy and practice are concerned with preventing injury and illness within a
it was only until recently that substantial efforts were made to reform the Canadian medical
care system and turn it into a health care system
other then prevention and treatment, health promotion has also became a global goal, known
as new public health
public health and the health care systems is generally seen as an indicator of the modernization
industrialization led to public health policies in order to protect the workers
drugs that can help manage AIDS and delay death are not affordable by the poor, and these are
the ones most effected by the disease
the Spanish Flu killed the most out of the three major flu’s, up to 59 million people
most deaths in Canada are caused by four diseases, cancer, lung disease, diabetes and heart
depression is highly prevalent in Canada but is identified as an “orphan child”
the health care system has been unsuccessful in contending with the complexity of most chronic
The New Public Health System In Canada
there is no obvious consensus concerning either the nature of the problems confronting us, or
regarding how we should respond to them
spending on health care reached about 142 billion dollars in 2005 and is still increasing
Health care, sometimes referred to as the public health-care system,
focuses mainly on treating individuals, while public health targets entire
populations to keep people from becoming sick or getting sicker
The five main components of the Canadian public health system are health surveillance, disease
and injury prevention, health protection (inspection of restaurants and such), population health
assessment and health promotion
Improvements to health status can be achieved through structural reforms that reduce
economic disparities, Healthy cities Project
Health promotion is based on three strategies, increasing the role of public in policy making,
increasing community control over their health and inter-sectoral coordination of public policy
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