HLTA02H3 Study Guide - Infant Mortality, Social Inequality, Racialization

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Chapter 3 emerging public health system in canada. Stylised facts are simplified or generalisations of empirical findings, without scientific details. Equity is a synonym for fairness but does not mean equality. Other then prevention and treatment, health promotion has also became a global goal, known as new public health. Public health and the health care systems is generally seen as an indicator of the modernization process industrialization led to public health policies in order to protect the workers. Most deaths in canada are caused by four diseases, cancer, lung disease, diabetes and heart disease. Depression is highly prevalent in canada but is identified as an orphan child the health care system has been unsuccessful in contending with the complexity of most chronic conditions. Health care, sometimes referred to as the public health-care system, focuses mainly on treating individuals, while public health targets entire populations to keep people from becoming sick or getting sicker.

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