HLTA03H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Old Age Security, Canada Pension Plan, In Private

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15 Apr 2015

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There is a huge shift for women but not for men. Length of time spent in retirement is growing in canada, due to the feminist movement, prior to this time we did not have as many women in retirement as we did not have many women in the labour force. For men, a little higher, it is 24,500. Men in the oldest age group have an even smaller average income than men between 65 and 69. Little change in income of women, 15,300 with age. Certain subgroups have higher poverty levels, [very old, women, immigrants] for women their income is always lower than men almost regardless of age groups. For seniors, the sources of income traditionally received, certain comes from wages and salaries, another is from investment income, rrsps, old age security, govt transfers, private pension, other income. The old age security stands out the most, women are getting a lot more of it than men.

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