HLTB15H3 Study Guide - Deductive Reasoning, Nomothetic, Inductive Reasoning

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10 Mar 2013
Midterm Review Key Terms
Lecture # 4: Social Factors, Health and Illness
Social Class: arrangements of people in society as economic groups, hierarchical
Socio-economic status (SES): societal status using factors or measurements such as
income levels, educational attainment, no hierarchy, not classifying based on broad
economic groups
Social causation hypothesis: factors associated with socioeconomic status influence
health, people that have more money or better occupation have better health status
Selection hypothesis: life course perspective; pathway of a persons life course, people
from lower SES children, less opportunities, may in the long term lead to different
occupations which may lead to future health issues
Crisis theory: homeostasis and equilibrium
Cognitive-Appraisal model of coping: how an individual copes is determined by his or
her appraisal, resources and support
Social support: Availability of someone who offers comfort; Emphasize satisfaction
with available support; Encompassed within broader concept of social capital
Social capital: community of reciprocal social support networks and resources and
is embodied in measures of social networks, social support and the availability of
community resources
Self-efficacy: Belief in one’s ability to successful complete a task or doing something
Social Stigma: social reaction leads to a SPOILT identity and LABELLING
Difference between social interactionism vs. symbolic interactionism
Sick Role carries two rights and obligations for the sick person
o Exemption from normal social roles and responsibilities
o No blame for failure to fulfill them
o Individual must want to return to normal roles
o Must cooperate with health professionals with the aim of recovery
Illness Behavior: what a person does when sick seek medications or consultations
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