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Tutorial Activity 2

Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Question 1
Match the following terms to the related answer:
Question Correct Match
A.Rabies virus C. High percentage of fatal infections
B.Measles E. An immunization rate of over 94% prevents an outbreak
C.Tuberculosis A. A high percentage of inapparent infections
D.Toxic Shock Syndrome B. A gender specific disease with a low case fertility rate
E.SARS D. A recent epidemic with a high transmission rate
MatQuestion 2
mAMatch the following terms to their correct definitions:
Question Correct Match
A.ParasiteParasiteParasite C. An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a
different organism and that does not contribute to the survival of
its host.
B.Virus D. Neither a cell nor an organism and can reproduce only within
their host.
C.Pathogen A. Any disease-producing agent.
D.Vector B. An insect or other organism that transmits a pathogen.
E.Agent E. Any entity that is capable of causing disease.
Question 3
What is R0?
A.The basic reproductive ratio of the disease
B.The multiplier of the disease
The value which helps to predict how fast a disease will spread through the population
Number of individuals each infected person infects at the beginning of an endemic

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E.All of the above
Question 4
Which of the following is a portal of entry of parasites via the respiratory system?
a. Inhalation
b. Ingestion
c. Aspiration
d.A and B
e.A and C
Question 5
Which of the following is true concerning toxic shock syndrome?
a. It is gender-specific
b. It is a form of STD
c. It is caused by a parasite
d.A and C
e.All of the above
Question 6
Where did the Black Death originate from an area in or around?
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