HLTB21H3 Study Guide - Blood Transfusion, Ramesses V, Plasmodium Vivax

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11 Dec 2012

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Mercury was used for early treatment but was discovered to be dangerous. Sir alexander fleming and this helps fights bacteria and prevent further development of syphilis only. Not eradicated due to people ignorance of having safe sex, and using condoms. In 1494 spanish troops were sent to france to attack. It was thought that the disease came from naples especially from their women. The french called it the disease of naples . There were pamphlets that were written about syphilis during the epidemic and translated into different languages to prevent the spread. Giovanni de vigo wrote a book on syphilis. Girolama fracastoro who named it after a shepard who got syphilis from cursing god. Sexually transmitted disease = direct contact with sorles, open lesions, utero, transfusion of blood. Congenital syphilis = syphilis spread from mother to fetus. Primary stage = appearance of single chancre on lips, fingers, or genital; incubation period =

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