Tutorial Activity 6 (Small Pox) with answers.

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26 Jun 2011
Smallpox True/Fal se Tutorial Activity
1. In 1978, the last case of a human infected with smallpox may have been spread
through the direct contact of an infected lab animal. (False)
2.Smallpox may have been the cause of the Plague of Antonine in the 2nd century AD
3.One of the reasons that the eradication of smallpox was possible is that there are no
animal reservoirs. (True)
4.Transmission of smallpox can occur if an infected sneezes in the face of an uninfected
5.Smallpox skin lesions most commonly first appear on the face and extremities.(true)
6.The smallpox treatment known as like cures like relied on the notion that since
smallpox produces a red rash, victims could be helped by the colour red.(True)
7.The first vaccine for smallpox was created using material from a cowpox pustule
from an active case of cowpox smeared onto the unbroken skin of a young boy. (true)
8.For smallpox, transmission by fomites is possible particularly if the strain is
9.The case mortality rate of variola major in naïve populations is low.(false)
10.Blueish patches on the skin, mucous membrane and gastrointestinal tract bleeding
are symptoms of the malignant and hemorrhagic form of variola major.(true)
11.The smallpox vaccine provided acquired immunity to smallpox.(True)
12.Smallpox contributed to the increase in the slave trade in the Americas. (true)
13.The Royal Experiment began with Princess Caroline inoculating her children
Amelia and Caroline to promote the practice of variolation as a means to control
smallpox infection.(False)
14.Skin lesions caused by smallpox may lead to severe scarring or pock caused by the
variola major virus damaging the skins elasticity.(false)
15.The lack of a reliable treatment for smallpox hindered settlement of North America
by the English and French.(false)
16. In its most common form, transmission of the smallpox virus enters the body
through aspiration of contaminated fomites. (False)
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