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Exam Review of Epidemiology

Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat
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Plagues and Diseases
- Leprosy [Mycobaterium Leprae]
- Usually high rates in Brazil, Africa, India, Southeast Asia
- Affect people of all races everywhere, affects 10-14 and 35-44 year old people
- Rarely in infants
- Ninebanded Armadillo experiment: Tested on armadillos as the bacteria mutates
and incubates 6m to 4yrs, as opposed to 6yrs in humans
- Shows low body temperature may promote disease
- Had concerns of infection from armadillos to humans
- Darcy island and Tracadie, New Brunswick
- Darcy: Chinese railway laborers in 1890s, and isolated them
- Tracadie: Sailor introduction, spread through families to neighbors, and
people were left unattended + little care
- Sheldrake island for Lazaretto where a group of 18 lepers were admitted
- Tuberculosis [Tubercle Bacillus]
- 1/3 of world infected
- 1/3 develops active of the infected
- 95% in developing countries
- Highest in countries with low GDPs
- Global emergency in 1993
- Canada rates declined post WWII, rose up in 2006 again [most in Nunavut]
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