HLTB21H3 : HLTA01 - Chapter 14

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Mentioned in both the old testament and the new testament: seen as unclean and displeasing to god. Disease of the soul and was very highly contagious. Most likely began in the far east around 1400 bc: accurate descriptions of the disease in the sacred hindu writings of the veda as well as accurate descriptions in chinese literature. Earliest account was in an indian text between 600 and 400 bc. May have either been brought from india to greece in the 4th century bc or spread from the far east to the west along trade routes arriving in the mediterranean. Evidence of the disease from bones dating from ad 500 to 700. Pagan priests believed that bathing in the blood of sacrificed children would cure him. Saraath used mainly to describe many skin conditions: became lepros. Lepers crafty, irascible, suspicious, and had a desire for lustful sex. The sinfulness of the disease stigmatized the lepers.

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