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Tutorial Activity 10

Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Cholera Crossword Tutorial Activity C Solution Key
1 According to Max Pettenkofter, the solution to cholera was not cure but prevention.
8 In the 19th Century, Gros-seile was the cholera detention site for Irish immigrants
travelling to Canada by ship.
9 The bacteria that causes cholera is known as vibrio cholerae.
10 V. cholerae moves by means of a single terminal or polar flagellum.
2 Another term for human excrement that was usually disposed of by spreading over fields
is "night soil."
3 In cholera, the bacterial infection is limited to the intestinal tract.
4 Cholera infection occurs via the fecal-oral route of transmission.
5 The blue stage of cholera causes discolouration of the skin due to radical dehydration
and ruptured capillaries.
6 J. Snow is known as the father of modern epidemiology.
7 Cholera is an acute diarrheal disease.
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