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Smallbox questions

Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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University of Toronto at Scarborough
Department of Social Sciences
Questions related to Lecture 6 Smallpox.
Below are fifteen questions that you can use as a guide for a self-study of the topic onSmallpox’. After
you complete all assigned readings and look over the lecture slides, answer all questions below.
1. Describe the earliest historical evidence of smallpox.
2. Does evidence indicate endemicity of smallpox in earlier historical times? Discuss.
3. Smallpox has been implicated as having an impact on several historical wars. Discuss.
4. What is the agent responsible for smallpox? Are there several strains? What is the effect of this
agent on humans?
5. How is smallpox transmitted? Where is the virus present? Is it a zoonotic disease? Where does
the virus survive? In there a latent phase for this virus? What is the incubation period of
smallpox virus?
6. Describe the clinical manifestation of smallpox.
7. What is case fatality and impacts of smallpox?
8. How is variolation different than vaccination?
9. How does variolation take place?
10. Who introduced the process of variolation?
11. Who is Lady Mary Wortley Montague? What was her role in relation to smallpox?
12. What was Edward Jenners contribution to the history of smallpox? Discuss.
13. Is the smallpox vaccine effective for life?
14. Do we have a current problem in relation to smallpox, reserve virus storage, or any fears related
to smallpox?
15. Who is Jane Parker?
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