HLTB21H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Blood Transfusion, Tabes Dorsalis, Public Health Genomics

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Considers the origins, antiquity and impact of plagues on human societies from cultural, evolutionary, and ecological perspectives. Aim: to understand why plagues"" emerge and how their occurrence is intimately linked to behaviour. Human activities have a huge impact on plagues and its useful to understand the cause and effect of these issues. Goal: to provide insight into the struggles of attaining disease control and challenges of forecasting emerging plagues. What causes the diseases, how are they classified and general information about plagues. What major effect did they have, understanding the effects of these plagues while looking at different perspectives, emerging factor of certain plagues. Organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism and that does not contribute to the survival of its host, only considered parasites if it inflects harm. Ultimate micro-parasite smaller than bacteria; neither cells not organisms; can only reproduce within their host.