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HLTB21H3 Study Guide - Plasticine, Miasma Theory, Calcification

Health Studies
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Caroline Barakat

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Plagues without germs
The Red Plague first described in Spain 1735 as Mal de la rosa
First appeared as a skin rash that covered the hands and feet and sketched an ugly
butterfly pattern across the neck
Early stages reddening of the skin might resemble a sunburn or inflammation due
to contact with poison oak. The skin crusted and peeled away, showing the smooth
and shiny skin below, tongue became reddened, burning sensation in the mouth ,
and diarrhea.
Pellagra pelle skin. Agra rough
oassociated with people who had a diet of corn
oI. Salas concluded that cause was spoiled corn infested with parasite verdet
Joseph Goldberger experiment: every child under 12 years of age got 14 ounces
of milk a day, and those under 6 years of age got 20 ounces. Eggs and fresh meet
served 4 days a week. Pellagra faded
oConducted another experiment which stated that the lower the income, the
greater the incidence of pellagra
odiscovered that rats and dogs show pellagra like symptoms black tongue
and inflammation of the skin (dermatitis)
oBasic diet 123 consisted of corn meal, cowpeas, casein, sucrose, cottonseed
oil, cod liver oil, sodium chloride, and sodium carbonate
oSprinkling dried brewer`s yeast on basic diet 123 prevented black tongue and
death in dogs
oGreat depression eliminated pellagra
Prevention adding fresh meat, milk, eggs, and vegetables to the diet.
oPellagra preventive factor (P.P)
Deficiency of niacin needed for normal oxidative metabolism of sugars
red plague led to the discovery of antimetabolites drugs designed to inhibit
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