HLTB21H3 : Guide to Lecture 3

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16 Feb 2011

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vector not required for transmission, goes through stages egg, larva, etc. Move to agriculture and the emergence of epidemic diseases. characterized by parasites with long live transmission stages: move around from person to person contact. First appeared in the nile valley of egypt agriculture and ir rigation started. created a situation that promoted certain diseases to occur. vines and olive trees, production of wine and oil. by the end of the dark ages, two powerful states emerged. In 431bc a war emerged between the two cities, spartan forces were greater than. Athenians, outcome of the power was impacted by the plague of athens. 430bc route: ethiopia, into egypt, then athens. Identity of this plague- unknown to this day. relied heavily on agriculture, changes to the composition of the soil (soil erosion, deforestation), created environment for certain vectors. actual cause is not known, but may be linked to small pox.