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17 May 2012

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January 30th, february 27 and march 19- activities worth 5% *best 3 activity- 9%, attendance 5%, participation 2% It probably arose in the east, as there are hindu writings of the veda and descriptions in the chinese literature. The nei chang, a textbook of medicine describe a disease where the patient has stiff joints, facial hair falls off, the flesh becomes nodular and ulcerates, you become numb, the bridge of the nose changes color and rots. It came from india to greece by soldiers of alexander the great, or trade routes then went to france. Hippocrates never saw it but aractus, a contemporary of galen did in ad150. The hebrew word saraath describing skin conditions; defiled, accursed or scaly then became as lepros; then. Sometimes disease was known as satyriasis- an insatiable sexual appetite. Hence it become known as divine punishment for the sins of the flesh.

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