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HLTC02H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Yoruba People, Maternal Death, Double Burden

Health Studies
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Denis Maxwell
Study Guide

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Week 3: Political Economy of Women’s Health – Local/Global Perspectives
What are the main processes of globalization, which Lesley Doyal
identifies as having implications for health?
o Doyal’s Framework for Comparing Gendered Health Effects of
o Increase in poverty and income inequities
o Globalization of production
o Liberalization of Trade
o Reduction in state expenditure on public programming
For each process, identify an example of how this process may have a
particular impact on women’s health
Increase in Income Inequities & Poverty
o Gender relations structure women’s experiences: single mothers and
widows, reduced access to resources including food, land, credit, etc
o Household division of labour and gendered labour demands leading to
o Social & economic dependence reducing capacity for autonomous
decision making regarding sexual partners, including reliance on sex
o Exacerbation of violence against women
Globalization of Production
o Implications for labour migration and conditions
o Environmental degradation
o Increasing participation in waged labour, often as informal, migrant,
home-based and/ or “flexible” workers
o Almost always combined with child-bearing leading to increase in
overall volume of daily work
o Exposure to workplace hazards ranging from sexual harassment to RSI
to toxic substances: immediate and long-term health implications.
o Environmental degradation and domestic hazards e.g. increased use of
non-wood fuels, increasing burden of firewood collection
Liberalization of Trade
o growth of consumption potentially harmful products, e.g. growth of
tobacco industry and marketing, increase in tobacco consumption
among young women in some areas
o unaffordability of beneficial products: basic food stuffs; some
o dumping of unsafe products e.g. reproductive health devices and
Reduction of state expenditures on public programmes
o Health care: user fees leading to increases in maternal mortality rates
o Decline in state services leading to increase in burden of women in
providing unpaid care labour within the household and community
What does Cornwall’s account of the life histories of 3 Yoruba women in
southwestern Nigeria add to our understanding of the relationship between
women’s livelihoods and health?
Cornwall’s contributions
o Must factor sociality importance of social relationships and social
context- into our understanding
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