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Summary of Lectures (Part 2)

Health Studies
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Anna Walsh

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HLTB01 ± Lecture Notes II
- 60% of adults have low health literacy ± to access and understand info related to their
- best place in Canada to suffer a heart attack ± Calgary has easy access to
angeoplasticy(unblock vessel to heart) 24 hours a day
- more than 70% of adults have access to angioplasty
- only 15.8% of adults in New Brunswick have access to angioplasticy
- Formal Support ± home care services, Informal Support ± family care
- 2.7million are providing caregiving
- 43% of informal caregivers are aged 45- ³VDQGZLFKJHQHUDWLRQ´± have to balance care
giving to the elderly and their working life
Current Events
- one in five Canadians have high blood pressure, hyper tension
1/3 ± 20 yr sold will become overweight
2040 ± 70% of adults will be overweight or obese ± diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancers,
an overweight 40 yr old may expect to die 3 years earlier than someone who is normal weight
and 40 ± someone who is overweight can lose 7 years (same as smoking)
- indirect costs growing due to bad diet
artillerial sclerosis ± a fatty streak in artery, growth of plague
- narrow arteries, less elastic, increased blood pressure
heart failure ±
Case study questions: given these symptoms what condition do they have
- Debby Purder ± suffering from MS, wants her husband to end her life without being
- found that if you take apply a pressure cuff on someone who is having a heart attack,
will reduce the severity of the heart attack by 50% - escemic pre conditioning
- elderly is growing, cognitive impairment is early signs of aging, but not everyone have it
Eyes, Ears, Skin, Taste, Smell
Midbrain ± Ears and Skin ± Thalamus
Medulla Oblongata - Tastes
Smell ± Primitive part of cortex
Primary Visual Cortex, Temporal Lobe, Primary Sensory Cortex, Parietal Lobe, Frontal Lobe
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