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Health Studies
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Anna Walsh

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HLTB01H3Y: Health, Aging and the Life Cycle
Department of Health Studies
University of Toronto at Scarborough
Summer 2010
Instructor: Anna Walsh.
Term: Summer 2010 Mondays 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Lecture Room: SW 319.
May 10/2010.
Introduction to Ontario's Health Care Program:
A&G: Chapter 12
Optimal Aging-Successful Aging?
x There is more than one way to age successfully.
x Models of Aging:
x In 1998, Rowe and Kahn identified 3 components of successful aging: absence of
disease, maintenance of high cognitive and physical function, active engagement
in life.
- They said that this model is hierarchal. Problem with this research and others
like it is that it enables us to learn about the aging process but with it comes
- In order for people to have these 3 things, they say that you have to have the
absence of disease.
- Doctor mentioned in current events, they would say that he cant have an
active engagement in life and high cognitive function because he has a
disease. But this is not true because he is still running the hospital!
Avoiding Disease
x etiology =
x The Maintenance of High Cognitive and Physical Function
Active Engagement with Life
Vaillant's Model of Aging Well
They provided six criteria to aging well.
- he said you should have no physical disability by the age of 75 (ex. having
contacts or glasses is a disease)
- good subjective physical health
- length of undisabled life
- good mental health
- good social support system > marriage, religious affiliations, people they
could confide in
- self rated life satisfaction
- problem: these kind of researchers provide evidence that make it more
difficult for the elderly and create age discrimination

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Mature defenses = coping defenses
Wisdom and Optimal Aging
x Vaillant
x Religiosity, Spirituality And Optimal Aging
The Art of Dying
Ontario’s Health Care Program
Working Towards Better Health Care for US ALL
1. Ontarios Health Care System: General Overview/Introduction
2. Ministry Programs
3. Ontario Health Insurance Plan
4. Health Care Providers
5. Public Health
6. Commitment to Care: Plan for Long-term Care in Ontario- Seniors
7. Telehealth Ontario e-technology
- improving patient access by asking for advice by phone
8. Budgets- Current Challenges
9. Government’s Priorities- Future Challenges
Ontarios Healthcare System- General Overview/ Introduction
Ontario has a model health care system
Ontario’s Health System
Ontario Health
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