28 Apr 2011

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A&g: ch 11- social support, health, and aging. Stress, coping, and health: stress is a major pathway through which psychosocial factors affect physiology and the aging process. Classic theories: cannon (1915) was the first physiologist to systematically describe the physiological effects of stress, selye expanded on cannon"s conceptions in two ways. Modern theories: modern conceptions of the stress response differ in several important ways. Cannon and seyle argued that there are general responses to stress, but it is now widely recognized that there are individual differences in stress reactions. www. notesolution. com. Positive physiological changes: researches have been so focused on the negative consequences of stress that possible positive outcomes tend to be overlooked. Natural or technological disasters including earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, floods, and nuclear accidents: the effects of trauma can last a lifetime. Stressful life events: there is some overlap between life events and individual trauma.

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