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HLTC23H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sexually Transmitted Infection, Lawrence Kohlberg, Albert Bandura

Health Studies
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Maureen Murney
Study Guide

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Murney HLTC23 Fall 2014
HLTC23H3 F, Child Health and Development
Study Guide for Final Exam, Fall 2014
You are responsible for material covered in the lectures and readings. Note: The final exam
may consist of multiple choice, matching, true/false, short answer and essay questions. It will
cover all the course content, with an emphasis on the second half of the term.
social role
gender role
instrumental traits
peer relationships
expressive traits
popularity and rejection
gender identity
Albert Bandura: how children learn social
osteoporosis roots in adolescence
gender biases
mechanisms of maturation
Lawrence Kohlberg
cognitive control and adolescence
gender labelling
3 key changes in adolescent brain
gender stability
sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
gender consistency
teenage pregnancy
gender constancy
sexual orientation
gender schema theory
sexual coercion
Piagets formal operational reasoning
family as a system
Kohlbergs theory of moral development
typical parenting styles
Gilligans ethic of caring
parental behaviour
Hollands personality type theory
family configurations
learning disabilities
Chinas one-child policy
Erikson: adolescence
preschooler self-control
4 different types of identity status
notions of lifestyle
Sherif, Robbers Cave State Park research
Harris et al.
Foster et al.
food marketing
HIV transmission
childhood obesity
growth hormone therapy
viral load
complications of having HIV in adolescence
motor skills
best practices to address HIV in adolescence
physical fitness
Morgan Philbin
Piaget: concrete operational thinking
discourse of HIV like any chronic disease
psychometric theories of intelligence
Erving Goffman
Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences
stigma definitions
Sternberg’s triarchic theory
Link, Yang, Phelan and Collins
Binet, intelligence testing
outcomes of stigma
Dayan, Doyle, and Markiewicz (2000)
addressing stigma
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